Group courses - Yoga Geneva

Group courses

Monday: 6.15 pm

"Evening Yoga" : the relaxation at the end of this class prepares for a restful sleep, with Yin-Yoga poses amongst others.

Tuesday 10.00 am

"Yoga and Healthy Bones": prevention or increase of bone density in the case of osteopenia & osteoporosis. This happens even in the spine, according Dr Loren Fishman's study.

Thursday 10.00 am

"Yoga after treatment for breast cancer": find your way back to energy with a yoga in which some poses are modified to meet your needs for caution with scars.

The postures are taught in accordance with your anatomy, and in relation to your heart and your breath.

A single posture or "âsana" will be approached according to different "movement principles".

The practice of âsanas brings flexibility, strength and balance into the body, calms the mind and improves concentration.

Following a course of yoga can bring you to a moment of inner peace.

"Lokah Samasta Sukino Bhavantu. Om Shanti."
"May all beings be happy and free. Peace." 

Extract from a prayer in Sanskrit.

Who is it for?

Yoga is accessible to everyone thanks to the use of accessories: blocks, straps, cushions, blankets, pushing against a wall or on a chair.


  • Private
  • 1 or 2 persons private
  • Group course for 3 or 4 persons