Physiotherapy prescribed by your doctor is reimbursed via basic health insurance under federal legislation (LAMal)

Who is it for?

From pre-teen to 90+

In which areas?

Orthopaedics: e.g. scoliosis

Rheumatology: e.g. pain, stiffness

Neurology: e.g. balance disorders

Circulation: e.g. oedema 

Dermatology: after-effects of burn



1-2 a week, or once a month for people who manage to stabilise their state with a home practice

Which techniques are used?

Global Postural Re-education® or GPR and Global Active Stretching®

"Body & Mind" (Georges Courchinoux)

Gentle mobilisations; muscle relaxing massage
Coordination & Stabilisation

Nordic Walking: Individual initiation (Geisendorf parc)

Manual Lymphatic drainage

Working on scars