Two days a week you will find me at the « Centre de Physiothérapie de la Servette »: in a private room as well as in a big collective space shared by all the physiotherapists. As for the other days, I still visit a few patients in their home. 

Born in Geneva and a French native speaker, I am also fluent in English and Swedish. And I have a working knowledge of Swiss German, Spanish and Italian, too!

Change is the only thing that is constant.

After 4 years in the world of dance, I moved from artistic emotion to a scientific knowledge of the body at the Geneva School of Physiotherapy. I graduated in 1987 and worked for 4 years in hospitals settings, including a year in Sweden, and 3 years in private practice before setting up my own practice in the rue de Lyon. This practice closed in 2021.

In January 2022 I join the Centre de physiothérapie de la Servette. From now on, I will work part-time, mainly on basic treatments such as GPR®, or Global Postural Rehabilitation® and Yoga. I also have the possibility to collaborate in daily treatments, alternating with my colleague Catherine Veranneman, for the acute phase of a lymphatic oedema.


Just out of curiosity, in 2011 I undertook certified trainings, which led me to share as a yoga teacher since 2012, with a specific focus on functional anatomy, on the slides within the joints for instance. Gradually, the therapeutic benefits of yoga became obvious to me.


My teachers have drawn from ancient traditions, linking them with recent scientific discoveries.

Annie Carpenter: Smart Flow Yoga®
(300+ hours since 2012)

Saul David Raye: Ritam Healing Arts® for Thaï yoga Massage
(200 Hours since 2012)

Micheline Pierrette Berry: LiquidÀsana®
(200 hours in 2016)

Other teachers, assistants and students continue to inspire me.

Instruction carries on as we are all "students"!

Indeed, since ancient times yoga has been handed down in an uninterrupted chain from master to student. There is no master who did not himself have a master. Therefore we are students and seekers.

"Atha Yogânushâsanam"

That’s the first of 195 aphorisms or "yoga-sutras" of Patañjali. "Now (Atha), Yoga will be taught (shâsanam) to you as it has been handed down in an uninterrupted (anu) way."

Or, more simply: "Here, now is the teaching of yoga."